We started out as a charity and have since turned into a global movement. of book lovers. This book is free grew out of a simple concept. In an era of digital readers and social media, the humble sheets of bound paper that we call "books" have become an antiquated curiosity. But with so many books out there, we thought it would be a tragedy to lose all that literature! This is especially true if you consider that some people amass hundreds of books on their tablets but never reach a single one. This is what happens when you experience abundance, you take things for granted and never take the time with them.

Not with books. Books, as something tangible, are a memorable item, and what better symbol of our common humanity that sharing these treasures. Our strategy is to get people to leave their books out in public places; places where other people will read them and then pass them on. This website will showcase all the places in England, Scotland and Wales, where we've left out books for you to pick up and read, for free!

Its a simple mission with a simple message.